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"Gifted Branding Studio" is more than just a brand. It is something that started with me doing small tasks for friends and family for a few extra dollars. I began creating business cards/flyers/websites, mobile barbering for $10/customer, assisting with PowerPoint presentations, playing drums for church events and even capturing and editing videos/pictures for birthday parties. What I considered to be an easy and enjoyable favor for someone turned into me discovering something truly amazing. We each have been equipped with our very own unique God-given gifts that have been specifically tailored to fit and represent us. The feedback I received on my work was truly unexplainable and I wondered if creativity was the gift I had all along but didn't have a clue it was there. 


I have always loved drawing, playing sports and being innovative in everything I did all throughout my teenage and young adult years, so creativity was nothing new to me. I saw things differently than others did, I thought differently than others did, I imagined differently than others did. But my understanding of "hustling to make a few extra dollars" was acquiring 5 and 6 paying jobs, which I quickly realized was NOT the move. I became so exhausted trying to accomplish this in my own strength that it really took a toll on my mind and body. 


God began to show me that he has already placed in me everything I would need to live this life abundantly and I needed to trust him, not myself or my physical abilities. Experiencing the feedback I did from helping others with tasks that I thought were effortless to complete, God continued to show me that these were all gifts that he had given me ever since I was a child and it was time for me to use them to benefit the kingdom. Gifts that I never realized I had the ability to do and not only do them but, without any form of training or schooling, do them WELL. At that very moment  "THEE GIFTED ONE" was born.


I recognized what I had been given, what I had been blessed with and the power it had to change my life for the better while changing the lives of the people around me. The power to reach and connect with others and help them bring their dreams to life. With this power, I thought why not combine it with my New York City fashion roots and create something that will connect with people of all ages, inspire them to recognize their gifts and allow them to be Supa-Dupa-FLY. 


"THEE GIFTED ONE" is a lifestyle inspiring & trendsetting enterprise that seeks to encourage, motivate and purposely raise awareness of what your God-given gifts are while ultimately giving glory and honor to God, Our Heavenly Father. Founded on the scripture, Proverbs 18:16, which says "A man's gift maketh room for  him, and bringeth him before great men (KJV)." We must realize, with Christ, our gift will cause God's Will to be manifested in our lives. No matter our past trials or mistakes, no matter our current place in life, no matter what negative opposition we have faced, no matter the profession, career path, age, background or place you come from, we must tap into our GIFT, we must tap into our PURPOSE. By wearing this apparel, you are declaring that YOU are the gifted individual that people see and your presence & purpose makes you valuable. We must recognize our gifts and use them for the benefit of others and the Kingdom. Be what God has called you to be and never stop running after it.


Never Forget, You Are GIFTED!,

Damon "TheeSir" Irving 
Founder, Thee Gifted One, LLC., 2016

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